S100 owners, was the upgrade from S90 /S95 worth it? Help me decide!

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Re: S100 owners, was the upgrade from S90 /S95 worth it? Help me decide!
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I've got both the S95 and S100.

At $378 I think the S100 is overpriced. I paid $303 and I feel that's about what it's worth, maybe a little less.

Both are fine cameras but given how fragile modern canons are I don't pocket them any more (my SD780 died in less than a year), I carry them in a small camera bag attached to my belt. Given the recent low costs of cameras such as the Panasonic GF3 with the 14mm lens ($314 recently at amazon the kit lens has dropped to $99 so the whole package would have been $413) , knowing what I know now and shopping for a $400 camera I'd definitely go another route and just get a slightly bigger pouch.

Of course buying both the S95 and S100 I spent more than $400 ($532 to be exact) but the original plan was to sell the S95 when the S100 price came out of the stratosphere. That's still sort of the plan, but I like the S95 so much I am having a hard time parting with it. IF I stick to the plan I'll probably make money selling the S95 making my whole S95/S100 under $300 out of pocket.

Regarding which is better: I like the IQ of the S95 the best and end up carrying it more than the S100. This is not pixel peeping comparison "best", it's the at the end of the day which camera I get the most "keepers" from best. I'm overall disappointed in the DigicV upgrade. I expected a much faster camera but both the S95 and S100 are still pretty sluggish and I miss a ton of shots with both of them. Also the canon auto modes are still pretty horrible; you really need to resort to manual something to get decent pictures if the setting is any sort of a challenge.

Battery life with the S100 can be absolutely abysmal (especially with GPS logging turned on).

I do like the zoom on the S100, the wide angle is a mixed bag (no 28mm F2.0), the dedicated movie button is nice, the slimness is lost on my camera bag.

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