June 1st Surprise from Pentax -- What I Really Want?

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Re: June 1st Surprise from Pentax -- What I Really Want?
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Tell your government to stop printing money.

And this has what to do with Pentax's immense price jump? It's odd, but other businesses in the U.S. didn't find a compelling need to increase prices by such a large percentage.

Politics certainly have an effect on prices, but to blame politics for every stupid business decision is also not very bright.

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I don't really follow exchange rates and such, so the dollar may be weaker. But if that were the case, I think there'd also be a similar increase in lens prices from Canon, Nikon, et al, since they all come from the same relative place and economy(ies). No, I think Pentax is playing some kind of weird game (or its US distributor is). The DA* 16-50 lens I paid $969 for last July is NOW selling for $1,399.99 from THE SAME SELLER!That's more than a 44% price increase! Of course the MSRP for this lens was ALWAYS $1,500, so one could argue it's still "$100 off." But I don't see it that way, and I'm sure very few others do, either.

I've looked at OTHER lenses I'd considered buying but hadn't yet, and they've all had similar price increases. If Pentax is trying to push its camera customers into the arms of Sigma, Tamron, Tokina, etc. for lenses, its certainly doing a great job of it at present. I've not yet bought any new lenses since this price jump. But I'm currently researching my next lens purchase and it's between a Pentax and a Sigma lens. Pentax's through-the-roof price jumps certainly aren't making it any easier for me to stick with them!

And here's ANOTHER THOUGHT... They recently put out a "lens road map" showing new lenses in development and "on the horizon." Is it POSSIBLE they're charging more for current lenses to FINANCE the development of these new lenses???

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May the Blessings Be.

I don't know about S*gma, T*mron, or others, but C*non and N*kon have definitely raised prices over the past year. Lenses and bodies. Longer trend has been up over the past 5 years.

Meanwhile, north of the border, Pentax prices are unchanged.

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