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shademaster wrote:

Hi all,

I've found lots of info on the inter-web for using other cameras for video (5D II, GH2, A77, NEX, etc). Tips like how to handle white balance, and other in-camera settings like sharpening levels etc. Anyone know of a good guide for NX10/NX100?

no. typically i manually set white balance, which is quick and easy to do since i have it assigned to the front button on my nx10. as for picture wizard settings, i usually use the standard mode, sometimes with a bit of sharpening/contrast for stills, but for video i would leave the sharpening at 0 or even -1, depending on what you are shooting, and contrast at 0 or 1, and saturation at 0 or 1, again, depending on what you are shooting and what looks better.

other tips: with the nx10/100, you have to pan/move the camera slowly because it suffers from rolling shutter rather badly. noise levels fair better in bright light than in low light; in low light video can get noisy pretty quickly as light levels drop.

typically you don't want to zoom with the lens unless you are going for certain effects; stick with one focal length, build some DIY or buy some kind of stabilizer or set up a kind of sliding rig, and move around that way.

idk if this is an "official" tip, but when i'm moving around, i like to keep a decent bend in my knees to help with keeping the camera stable and not clanking around with my steps

otherwise just keep shooting- if they're silly little projects, do them. the more you do, the more you find your own ways of what works best

AF doesn't cut it (way too much hunting) and MF is taking a lot of practice. I still stink after about 1 week of practicing. Guess it will get better, but I feel like peaking would help a lot. Anyone have any tips?

MF does take a lot of practice, but it surprisingly easy to get some intuition on how to navigate it. Not to say that it is easy, just that it might not be as hard as you think.

To practice maintaining focus on a subject, you could go to any busy public space, and just follow someone and practice keeping them in focus. or for a different situation, place multiple objects on a desk at different distances, and practice focusing right up to those objects. it's kind of like playing piano- these exercises will help your mind/hand get a better overall intuition of using the focus ring and will help you perform better in dynamic situations.

You could attach some kind of thick band around the lens, and place it behind the focus ring, mark it with various measurements/objects/whatever symbols work for you, so if you are filming a fairly controlled environment, say a couch, and a woman sitting on the couch and walking to a telephone, on the band, you could mark the couch, and mark the telephone, so you know exactly where on the focus ring you need to turn to without the guessing.


Oh, yeah, and an obligatory: "Hey, Samsung, please give us peaking!" I've been tempted to try to get a used NEX-3 or NEX-5 to use as a video camera.

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