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JGant wrote:

Can someone explain the deal with the ZS19? Name dealers (B&H, Adorama, J&R) don't have it; Amazon lists it but doesn't themselves sell it. It is supposed to be a ZS20 but without GPS and video, thus cheaper and without the high battery drain rate of the GPS feature. The ZS19 is not listed among Psonic cams on DPR. Is this a piece of exotica meant for some non-USA markets? Is there some reason it is not sold here or that it is not a serious alternative to the ZS20 or ZS15?

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I apologize for only answering about where to get the ZS19, and not why to get it.

The ZS19 is as far as I can tell, a ZS20, simply without GPS. For several years, Panasonic has made slightly "de-tuned" versions of their leading model for some discount sellers. This started even before GPS, and back then, I think the video specs were downgraded. I do not think that is now the case, although I so rarely use video that I can't be sure. I believe the ZS19 even has the "slow motion" video, like the ZS20.

What I am sure of is that the ZS19 has plenty of 'bells & whistles' - special modes such as "HDR" and "Handheld Night Shot" both of which take several shots and combine them in-camera. The "Burst" function is extremely fast, and can be set to several modes.

The touch screen seems entirely intact - I would not have minded if they had dropped that, I find it more of an annoyance than a convenience, but it's more a problem of teaching this old dog a new trick.

In short - if you don't need GPS, the ZS19 is well worth consideration, see this thread:


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