ISO 200, 3200 similarity. Nex C3,Lightroom 4.1,4 megapixels

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mine was an ISO test, you're suggesting low light test
In reply to GuyMcKie, Jun 1, 2012

GuyMckie, your Nex 3 ISO 6400 image taken in much dimmer light looks really good. Do you have a picture of the same scene at ISO 200, taken at, say, 0.25 seconds exposure time, so that we can compare?

You mentioned that my test photo was not taken in low light. So true, but then the thread title is about an ISO test, with no mention of a low light test.

My original post depends on access to super easy to use noise reduction such as in Lightroom 4.1. With LR, few photos ever have to show noise speckles at all. It's just that the resolution of the photos (i.e. max nice display size) goes down as you dial in more and more luminance noise reduction. So the higher ISO images don't get noisier and noisier...they basically get softer and softer, or put another way are only usable smaller and smaller. Quite glorious, without having to bend to the will of the dreaded camera JPEG engine.

And thanks John Bean for steering us to check out Lightroom. This is not to imply that Lightroom is better at anything in particular than a whole slew of other programs, it's just what my limited experience has come across so far, it's pretty easy to use thanks to the free training videos, and it doesn't cost arm+leg. For example am my highest resolution photos come from freeware RawTherapee, which still use if there's something like product photography where highest resolution is an abnormally high priority.

There are of course tons of uses of high ISO even in the brightest sunlight. Who wouldn't love to be able to walk around using F11+ all day, every day, and/or with super high shutter speeds and/or skipping the tripod more often. And then cut the ISO to 200 whenever you want less depth of field or more blur or whatever. Lighter, cheaper, slower lenses (my tiny altered Rodagon 28mm fixed at F9?) more practical etc.

You have reminded me that bright light brings out the best in high ISO performance. Come to think of it, haven't seen much discussion of that point. Has something to do with more of certain kinds of noise showing up, in more pixels, as the exposures get longer.

My proposal is that we could think of a Nex C3 etc as an ISO 3200 camera in daylight? When the scene dynamic range isn't too high, and we make sure not to underexpose? The thought would have seemed like science fiction, in this price and sensor size class (used C3 with slightly damaged LCD costing $240 dollars), just a few years ago.

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