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edwardaneal wrote:

yelling "racist" is not the answer - it is just a BS excuse to dismiss people you disagree with. President Obama was elected by a huge number of white voters. He was elected because he promised change in the way politics are done - - that change has not happened, we are more divided today than we were under bush, we are still in the wars we were told would end almost instantly, and we are still holding people in Cuba. people are disappointed because the change that was promised has not happened.

now people who voted for Obama no longer want to vote for him again - - it has nothing to do with race - - it has to do with his failure to deliver on his promisses

My remarks were not about why people aren't votiing for Obama - If such was the case, then I must be a racist. So, please spare your keyboard all this work...

as to why they aren't asking Romney for his birth certificate - - perhaps its because he didn't have a kenyan parent, didn't go to school in Indonesia and hasn't used his Kenyan background to promote himself the way Obama has. Is it really that unreasonable to question the citizenship of Obama when at different times he actually has claimed to be kenyan?

I provided quotes, about specific documents - Did I not? Do you want more detailed quotes? Do Birthers not claim that only a citizen born of two born citizens can be eligible to be Presdient? Yet Romney father was born in Mexico.

Did they not claim that A Certificate of Live Birth is insufficient proof?

It is very possible that he has dual citizenship because of his father, but it sure would be nice if he would just be upfront about it so that there was no question

A number of Presidents had dual citizenship.

What I said, and I stand by what I said, Is 'that with a few exceptions, the "Birther Movement is racist," and would never use these charges against a White man. And there is Donald Trump lauding Romny, his Mexican born father, and his "Certificate of Live Birth."


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