Speculation - K-mount GXR module coming?

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Tom Caldwell
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Re: Speculation - K-mount GXR module coming?
In reply to anthony mazzeri, May 31, 2012

anthony mazzeri wrote:

The latest gossip is Pentax Ricoh will soon announce another mirrorless camera, priced around $600:


A bit of deduction - assuming they won't do a completely new third mount system like the Nikon 1, leaves the possibilites as either it's just a new Pentax Q model or it's the anticipated GXR K-mount module (the M-mount is currently $646 on popflash). I can't really see them releasing another Pentax mirrorless APSC so soon after the K-01, so that really leaves only those two options. Any other thoughts? A Q-mount GRD maybe, ie a 'Pro-Q'?

It's hard to tell now that the two companies are fully merged under the Pentax umbrella whether these 'Pentax rumors' apply just to that brand or to Ricoh cameras as well...

Anything is possible. $600 is sub K-01 and more like GRD-Q to me. Does not seem to much sense in another mirrorless K mount so soon after the K-01 unless they decide to make an entry level more conventional version in which case perhaps the K-01 will become increasingly precarious. I think users will warm more to the K-01 looks once they see the full adavantages of image stabilisation, good sensor and focus peaking in a body that is 100% K mount compatible. But perhaps a simpler cheaper more conventional K mount slr might make a rocky road for the K-01.

There have been many requests for a fully functional K mount for the GXR but I see this as an impossibility. A manual lens K mount for the GXR is already here in the form of K-> LM adapters, making a full-functional modern K mount for the GXR would give Pentax Ricoh two quirky non-mainstream K mount mirrorless cameras to compete with each other for the small market where users place innovation in front of "reliable" conservatism. If you don't understand it then shoot it.

The A12 mount will fit a very large range of manual lens mounts with ?mount-> LM adapters and is therefore very versatile, much more so than the K-01 which is almost limited to the (huge) range of K mounts alone, and not necessarily a bad thing.

However the Q was greeted with sheer wonder at the affrontery of a replaceable lens camera so small, so cute, and such a tiny sensor. But apparently it works better than the chorus of denial might have suggested.

I did consider it myself but for once I actually boxed my own ears and decided that surely I had enough cameras.

However I have already mentioned that the lust for (say) a 40mm equivalent GRD leaves making a separate camera with such a fixed lens very difficult financially but a GRD style body in Q mount would add another dimension to the Q mount system.

Make it the GRDIV in style squeeze a slightly larger sensor in if possible and give it a suite of GR lenses 24mm 40mm and 75mm and people might notice. And of course existing Q mount lenses would fit.

And $600 would seem about the right price for such a beast (just the body of course and perhaps a recycled kit Q mount Pentax zoom?).

Whereas the Pentax Q body was a shot in the dark with a very small sensor the GRD has already built itself a reputation for technical excellence and might be harder to simply laugh off in a Q mount re-incarnation.

However the GRD sits in a very special niche - maybe this is a completely different camera from Pentax borrowing lots of Ricoh technology from the GRD but carrying the Pentax brand.

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