EVF and aperture/dof preview

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Re: EVF and aperture/dof preview
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Thanks to you all for the clarification. This clears up a lot of mystery for me. Excellent explanation Tom2572 and advice on giving the A mode a whirl. I just took a sample set of photos at f2.0, f8, and f22 and was able to see after the fact how the DOF changed. Typically I keep an eye on the aperture value as I find a reasonable balance between shutter and ISO. I never used aperture for much more than controlling light and available shutter speed, but i can see how this gives a lot of creative options when composing. Word to that.

omg... are you kidding me? I just found the damn preview button! "Hiding" on the front of the body tucked next to the lens. It has eluded me since day one. I'm a dipstick. I swear I've looked over every sq inch of this camera and deemed the on-board menu a funny joke on me, wondering where on earth are all these buttons? Curiously I wonder why the menu is laid out in the body as to suggest we have a separate button for AEL, Focus hold, and DOF preview. In reality don't we only have 2 of three options unless we re-assign the ISO button? If my AEL button is set to AEL toggle, then I can't have focus hold and shot preview as well, can I? I'd rather not re-assign my ISO button. I would re-assign my exposure comp button if I had the option but it doesn't appear I do. I use my ISO button more often than I mess with exposure comp. What's the deal there. I need another button.

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