To Raw or not to Raw.. that is the question

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Re: To Raw or not to Raw.. that is the question
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It's not in camera DR - at least not visibly - the generated preview files (Apple or Fuji) from data are exactly as shot in all aspects - but Adobe RAW output are all over the place.

For example - open certain RAF images in ACR on 'Default' and you get massive underexposure - choose 'Auto' and ACR applies it's adjustments ... but then they are massively over -exposed. Others - no difference if you choose Default or Auto setting - no difference in exposure ... but not what was shot ... or as 'correctly' exposed in the preview images. Doesn't seem to know what the 'default, as-shot' setting is.

In one image in particular - ACR seems to have 'lost' under-exposed shadow detail entirely - but the non-ACR preview images render fine. Need more time to investigate though - not noticed the phenomenon before, but have recently upgraded to 1.30 FW - also, can't remember if ACR itself has been updated since last use - but suspect it has too! Both possible culprits I wonder?

Somerset6 wrote:

Isn't that underexposure a function of using the automatic dynamic range setting? If you set the DR to 1 (I think - I don't have the camera with me) do you still get the underexposure?

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