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jimr wrote:
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True, but then where are we? What if there are a lot of the old, faulty X10's in the pipeline and it will take at least a couple of months for the "fixed sensor" X10's to start arriving, but the Fuji rep. has already replaced the store's "demo" unit? That would be pretty underhanded. A customer could do a test and say "Wow, no orbs. Fixed at last", only to end up buying an X10 that still has the old sensor. But I doubt that such replacements typically happen.

IF B&H really only has the new sensored X10s in stock and if the demo X10s have the new sensor then all is great at B&H.

We just don't know and are endlessly speculating with no gain.

Exactly, but higher up in the thread we were told to try an X10 in the store, and there's no way of knowing whether the demo X10 is the same as the newest, unused/unsold X10s. My point was that there's no way we can know anything about the new X10s without explicit clarification from Fuji. If you read B&H's statement carefully, it doesn't say that the X10's will have the new sensors. It's much more likely that they have the firmware upgrade that slightly reduces orbs when shooting in EXR mode. If no dealer on planet Earth has yet received any X10s with the new sensors, then B&H's statement :

B&H only carries the most recent versions of cameras available. The X10 cameras we have in stock are cameras which no longer exhibit the problems on earlier versions.

. . . can be literally true even if these X10s have sensors that still produce orbs. Did you notice how the statement isn't specific about what and how problems were addressed? Whether they do or don't have new sensors, B&H didn't say, and knowing them better than most people (I buy a lot of stuff from B&H) I'd say that it's very likely that they only sell the most recent versions of any particular camera model , since they continue to sell older models that aren't yet discontinued, ie, HS20 and HS30. Their sales volume is large enough that it's extremely unlikely that they'll have older versions of unsold stock after newer versions of the same model have been received by them and by other dealers.

An example of the kind of business inertia that can gum up the works is the problem B&H had with Nikon's Series 1 cameras. I wanted to see what it was like using a regular F-mount lens attached to the V1 using the store's demo FT-1 lens adapter. It didn't work because of a firmware bug. The firmware that allowed the FT-1 to work was available, but the store wasn't allowed to update the cameras and B&H wasn't able to get the Series 1 cameras replaced. That situation lasted for about a month that I was aware of. Maybe by now the cameras have been replaced or a Nikon rep. came in to upgrade the firmware. But this tells me not to expect store demo models to be replaced, even if it may sometimes happen.

I would put the onus on the camera's distributor to update their own store demo cameras to reflect what is current in firmware etc....

If they do not do so, it only hurts that particular distributor as the demo samples may not show the camera's up to date capability if it has improved.

I wasn't told that the demo models came from a generic distributor. I was told that the Nikon demo units were supplied by Nikon. This may have been physically shipped by a generic distributor, but if that was the case, they probably wouldn't be able to exchange or update any firmware without explicit permission from Nikon.

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