Slaughter of Syrians

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Re: Slaughter of Syrians
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The issue is that you cannot know what is better, the current regime or the "new" regime.

Take a look at both Iraq and Libya, what changed, sure there is no Saddam anymore but there are 100k+ dead from him being gone, while in Libya you do not hear about Gadaffi murdering anyone as he is gone (and he did not kill many during his reign either), but you have all towns anhillated, people displaced and thousands dead and in jail of those who were "against" the revolution with women's rights going back into middle ages and militia's around the country settling old scores.

So great, but how much do you hear about it from "free press" - precisely nothing as well there is "nothing" to report off course, as they are our "friends" until some western politican says otherwise. While it is possible that in the year after the revolution there were more people directly murdered than through the whole of Gadaffi regime, and the country set back economically for 30 years.

Sum total - it is not that dictators like Saddam or Gadaffi or Assad are good, but for the society they are better than a western sponsored revolution. Those societies would have transformed themselves relatively peacefully eventually, no matter how much time it takes as what is the issue is not just the dictator, it is the state of the society that is underneath that political system in the country. That state no revolution will change for the better. Libya is a great example, the most developed country in Africa before the revolution with virtually no physical opression, with great women rights (for the region), is "liberated", infrastructure destroyed, Sharia back in business and the country pushed back decades economically - just great for the average Libyan.

The naivety of the OP and many western posters sitting cosy infront of TV and PC, while wanting to "help" - nothing is stopping you to drop that nice cozy seat and go help yourself as a teacher into a country of choice (Africa is full of them, relatively safe too) without being a voice for a "revolution" where other people will die, interventionist soldiers but more than anyone else the local people in the countries where the intervention is supposed to help.

Interventions should be used only to diffuse already existing conflicts, not start new ones! Where were you asking to go into Congo to stop the war and death of millions, instead of starting a war on the death of hundreds (fuelled by western influence too) to cause the deaths of hundreds of thousands ala Iraq?

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