Compare V1 with best 4/3 cameras, please

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Re: Compare V1 with best 4/3 cameras, please
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olyflyer wrote:

Jorginho wrote:

I think that Nikon 1 does not deliver enough size advantage for the IQ it delivers compared to the best m43s.

I think you need to compare the systems with their equivalent lenses to see the size and weight advantages. The V1 dual zoom kit is considerably smaller and lighter than the OMD dual zoom kit would be, that's for sure.

That is important if you think that that difference cannot be compensated by Oly's IQ. Which is personal.

OM-D has such good IQ you need a FF to get something that delivers superior performance sensorwise.

Nahhhhh, that's not the whole truth. I mean, really, I know you really love the OMD but I am still lookig for those stunning images which are so outstanding.

I don't have the cam nor do I want to buy one. It is simply what dpreview says quite literary and it is not only dpreview. You read this similar remarks constantly.

Personal opinions can always differ of course and personally I go for the opinion of experienced reviewers, side by side comparison with NEX7, X2 etc if I do not have my own experience.

My personal next cam, if rumours are correct, will most likely be the Nikon D600.

All 16MPIxel m43 cams deliver better IQ than the V/J1. Beter noise, more detail etc. Also: the 1 applies noise reduction in RAw starting from IS800 which cannot be turned off (if I am correct).
As a matter of fact, it can be turned off but you need Capture NX2 to do it.

Also, as a matter of fact, ALL Olympus cameras apply noise reduction even to the ORF raw files, which cannot be turned off at all in any software. In other words, the opposite of what you are saying is true.

So you cannot turn it of in your cam and need Nikon software to do that. I feel hampered. I was not aware of Oly doing that! Where did you read that and thanks for that info!

1 is better with AF in good light and especially with that in combination with moving subjects. It is well ahead here. In less than good light, the tables are turned.

But I am convinced that both systems will give you really nice IQ. Especially the Nikn JPEGs in my view are much better than anything Panasonic gives. OM-D is another story, even though it is personal Ithink that alround this is probably the best cam IQ wise of all mirrorless cams.

Maybe it is currently the best mirrorless but also at a considerably higher price, larger size and more weight...

Yes. But that is up to the OP who did not ask for the price. He just asked for the best cam and the Oly seems to be that cam. Also, for that price it is weathersealed and again: read the reviews and you see it is really, really highly regarded. Also IBIS in the OM-D is very effective, also in video. AF is consistenly very fast even faster than the D800. Also in the dark.

I feel this is a very sophisticated cam. Of course you have to pay for all this and it is up to the OP f it is worht it or not. It is not more expensive than the NEX7 for instance which does not have weathersealing, no IBIS, video that works for 10 minutes, much larger lenses, less lens choice etc. So it depends with what you compare with.

Besides: I have handled some "1" with various lenses and in my view the size difference is not big at all. In fact, I think the 1 can be made a lot smaller given the much smaller sensor. But currently, the one cam that astonishes me for size is the GF5 with the 14-42X zoom.

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