Pointlessness of M43 and zoom lenses

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Re: Pointlessness of M43 and zoom lenses
In reply to msusic, May 30, 2012

I'm afraid I have to agree that as it stands zooms are pointless on m43.

Currently the 7-14 is the only m43 zoom that I have any interest in.

if you consider panasonic's 2.8s
12-35 = wide/semi-wide/normal (3 lenses)
35-100 = portrait(short-tele) tele (2 lenses)

It's a setup that may make sense for a photojournalists shooting style (each lens on a separate body and super-telephoto primes available when needed) but for me:

1) I'd have to change lenses way too often (35mm is too short)
2) I'd always need a 2nd lens (35mm is too short)

3) To have long reach, I'd need to either buy and carry a currently non existent super-telephoto prime (neva gonna happn) or make do with one of the current 75/100-300mm zooms which might as well have aperture rings pined at f8

So it will be 12/20/45 for me until Oly releases a 12-45mm f2.4-2.8 and a 65-250mm f 2.8-4

12-45 = wide/semi-wide/normal/portrait(short-tele) (4 lenses)
65-250 = portrait(short-tele) tele/super-tele (3 lenses)

The 4/3 11-22mm, 12-60mm, 14-45mm, & 50-200mm lenses are much better than the zooms available for m43, either in terms of range, brightness, and/or IQ so it is hard to understand what the Oly guys are thinking.

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