Imagine if we all got together and met in person.....

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Tim in upstate NY
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I can't imagine if we all got together and met in person.....
In reply to jalywol, May 29, 2012

. . . So what are you suggesting here? Everyone meet at your house? Should we all take a cruise together. 'Man overboard' is what would worry me - LOL.

jalywol wrote:

What would we see?

A bunch of youthful, vigorous warriors, with boundless energy and courage?

Would these warriors come prepared for fisticuffs, ready, willing and able to defend their systems, photographs, and opinions when confronted face-to-face by others who do not agree with them?

. . . This would only happen in a movie directed, produced and starred in by tedolf.

Uh, I think not.

If this were not anonymous; if there were faces attached to each post, I think things might, just might, get a bit more civil. It's really easy to hide behind verbiage; and apparently that's just too tempting to some when they know there is nobody who will actually pop them in the nose when they are being a jerk.....

My guess: If everyone here was put into a big room, you would see a lot of middle aged and older (let's just say 50+) former geeks with a lot of camera gear and a lot of opinions. Along with them would be a smattering of thirty-somethings and a very few twenty-somethings. About 10% would be women. A WHOLE lot of them would have a chronic illness of some sort. Very, very few of them would be making a living from their photography, although more than a few will have sold some work.

In that room, I suspect that everyone would look around, recognize themselves in the others and allow normal civility to prevail.

. . . Probably right but I'd still bring along my linebacker son for personal protection.

Now, the question is: How do we get that normal room onto or into this forum? (Or any forum, for that matter). Why is rudeness rewarded when it is cloaked by anonymity?

There is nothing wrong with arguing about anything as long as it remains civil. The problem is, as soon as technical (or even C&C) disagreements appear here, the vituperative vitriol appears, and all rational responses get blasted out of the threads.

. . . My solution would be to have your meeting and then sic a pack of pit bulls on those @#$%^&* equivalence freaks.

My suggestion: I think that DPR should start moderating heavily until posters get some manners, and then ease up. Some people might like this "wild, wild, west" thing we have now, but I think it hampers the stable growth of the community in the long run.

. . . I suspect that there's already some self-moderating here that most of us don't know about. Recently, there have been some posts getting deleted without the old style thread deleting that used to take place after things got completely out of control.

Now, fellow forum posters, FLAME AWAY! Put me on your ignore lists! YAHOO!

. . . Feeling combative today are we?

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