Streetphotography images with Olympus OMD and Zeiss 25mm F2.8 ZM

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robert van keulen
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Re: Streetphotography images with Olympus OMD and Zeiss 25mm F2.8 ZM
In reply to renttoown, May 29, 2012

Hi Marty

thanks for all your compliments and advice. It sounds stupid but up till now that you told me i had not noticed the street forum;->

this weekend i took an other big personal step and did close up street portraits in Amsterdam for about 31/2 hours. I hoped to get permission to do a shot or ten .but actually got 120 shots and have already send images to 9 persons who loved the images i had taken of them.

so it was not only rewarding to take the nice pictures but also to have nice conversions with the people i took pictures off and send them the images as well. (for free )

renttoown wrote:

Dear Robert:

Nice photos & thank you for sharing them.

The photograph that jumps out at me is the 3rd image. The juxtaposition of the family & the advertisement is classic. Did you wait for the child to bend behind the mother's bag? As HCB would say, you caught the decisive moment. Good job.

Liked the 'lucky' shot. I am sure it was lucky because you didn't wait for it. Much of what is on the street is there briefly. You have to be there. You have to SEE it. You have to have your cam and be ready to push the shutter release. You were there, you saw it, had the came, and caught the image. Nice seeing and capture. Enjoyed the symmetry of the woman and her shadow. A lot of great street shots work with shadows. Good job.

The woman who was lost in conversation doesn't work for me. I might have taken this image too. I love taking street portraits. I liked the image of the male manneguin on her left shoulder but there was no juxtaposition. There was no relation between her and somebody else. Maybe if you went closer there might have been an interesting portrait. When I shoot I get maybe two to five images out of a 100 that are good. This image does nothing for me. C'est la vie.

Please post these images on the documentary & street photography forum. You will receive more feedback and better feedback than mine. I shoot primarily with my Panny LX3 that is my pocket cam. Just purchased a GF1. Also use an Oly EPL1 & EP2. MFT means less weight and a smaller rig to carry so I can capture moments like the woman lost in conversation.

I also go to youtube and look at street photo videos. Just discovered and then lost an interesting video. I am going to steal an idea I LOVED from that video. I shoot primarily B&W still images. This photographer introduced a series of images with a brief video that had audio. Wish I thought of that. Great idea.

Please keep shooting and sharing your work.

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner student & Street Photographer
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