The true equivalence of the OM-D+75mm vs Canon 5DIII

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Re: so, where's the equivalency?
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odl wrote:

The bottom line is that if Canon made a 135MM F3.6 it would probably weigh less, and cost less, than the Oly 75MM.

And what about a 150mm f3.5 ? It is either a 150mm f3.5 or a 75mm f1.8.

I believe the point was to compare a 75 / 1.8 on mFT to a 150 / 3.6 on FF.

150mm lenses on FF even at f2.8 are not small. At f3.5 saving what? Half a stop? They are not going to suddenly lose 70% of their weight and size.

You'd be surprised. The Canon 135 / 2.8 is half the weight of the 135 / 2L (but not a lot smaller).

The greatest advantage to FF sensors comes with normal or wide lenses with fast apertures.

Well, back in the day that mFT and 4/3 were at 12 MP, FF was at 22-24 MP, and now that mFT is at 16 MP, one FF camera is at 36 MP. Louis Dobson seems to be rather impressed with what the D800 resolved.

The faster you go up into telephoto world the more an advantage appears for a smaller sensor. Hence APSC is enjoyed for many telephoto applications.

The telephoto "advantage" for smaller sensors comes entirely from their greater PD (pixel density). If only FF manufacturers would make FF sensors with the same pixels as the smaller sensors, this "advantage" would vanish immediately.

m43rds is simply driving this home with smart lens decisions, making it f1.8 as opposed to f1.4 etc. To make the lens smaller, lighter with good DoF control.

I dunno. I mean, seeing the price of the 75 / 1.8, I guess I have to agree. But I can't help but wonder if a 70 / 1.4 (why 75mm instead of 70mm?) could not have been made the same size. As for the price, I'm thinking it's the same thing Canon is doing to Canon users with the pricing of the 5D3 -- charging what they're charging because they feel that those using their system will pay it.

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