New to DSLR, is this a good starting setup?

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Re: New to DSLR, is this a good starting setup?
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Welcome! A few tips:

HeyDudeItsSky wrote:

Hey all! I'm brand new here. I did a little searching on this site and a LOT of review before I posted this so forgive me if this same question has been asked but I didn't see it.

My question is about my first time buy of a DSLR and most likely a lens. I have been taking pictures with PowerShots for years and I an very familiar with Canon menus as well as programs like PhotoShop and Final Cut but I feel I am lacking in the originating media because of my cameras abilities. That is why I wanted to upgrade.

I was deciding between the 600D and the 60D and it seems that the two are basically identical. The only big difference is that the 60D body is made a little better and I was hoping that would be nice when I go to sell in retaining some re-sale value.

The two are on a couple hundred dollars apart from Best Buy and since I am financing, that is not a big barrier for me.

They both seem like nice cameras, I would prefer the 60D because it's a tad easier to use in manual mode without taking your eye off the viewfinder.

The 60D comes in a bundle that Best Buy sells that includes the 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS EF-S lens. By buying together I save $100 off the price of the lens. As I am only used to point and shoot, I have no idea if that lens is ideal for me or not. I recently had a baby boy and I want to capture every second! Is this a good lens for general up close shots of him, say, in the crib, crawling, etc? Or is there another one that I should consider?

Don't pay too much attention to the rebates and kits and so on; the advantage with DSLRS is buying the right lens for the subject or occasion.

I don't do any sports or fast action so I don't need a zoom, just a good all around lens to get me by and started.

You probably mean that you don't need a telephoto, a zoom just covers a focal range, so you can have wide zooms, normal zooms, telephoto zooms... And you can have single focal point lenses called primes, also for wide, normal and telephoto (but don't worry about it!)

I also want to grab HD video of this little baby. For that I have had a couple people recommend the 17-40mm f/4L USM Ultrawide Zoom Lens. Any thoughts on that? Is that good for capturing video?

The cool thing about video on DSLRs is that you can make it look more like the movies than video (you can have your subject in perfect focus and everything in front and behind him or her blurry)... But that's also what makes video with DSLRs difficult, because you have to do your focusing manually and with a small depth of field (the area in focus)...

The 17-40 looks like a good lens but it's a tad slow (in terms of the light it lets in a f4, as opposed to another lens that could work at f2.8 for instance)

I would LOVE your feedback and advice. Please keep in mind that I am financing thru Best Buy so if there is a recommendation you make, it needs to be sold by them.

Again, I am not using this for any professional applications, just want to grab better images and video of my little man as he grows!

One more thing to add, I would really like to stay right around $2,000.00 for body+lens(es).

Thanks! I really appreciate your help!

Staying within the boundaries of Best Buy I would suggest...

  • Canon 60D with 55-250 lens; the 55-250 is a cheap and decent telephoto, which you might think you don't need but it will let you take your shots from a distance, without being in their face...

  • Tamron 17-50 2.8 for Canon. This is a wideish to normal telephoto lens with a wide aperture and a good reputation.

  • Canon 50mm f1.8, aka the baby lens... The focal length (80mm equivalent) is just about perfect and at 1.8 there will be no need to flash the kid; it's also cheap. You could also splurge for a Canon 50mm 1.4.

  • At least an additional battery, and several memory cards (as opposed to one big card).

  • A good camera bag that can hold all the lenses and can grow with you.

And remember to have fun!

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