Several mentions of GX1 faster to focus in dim light (vs EM-5) ?

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Re: Several mentions of GX1 faster to focus in dim light (vs EM-5) ?
In reply to Marla2008, May 28, 2012

Marla2008 wrote:

I've been reading repeated mentions of the GX-1 being notably superior in low light focusing, compared to the E-M5. Indeed, while I haven't used the E-M5, the GX-1 performs flawlessly in this area, with no hunting involved (unless known slow poke lens like 20/1.7, for instance).

Can anyone having used both confirm ? Low light AF struggles would be a definite deal breaker for my type of shooting.

Thanks in advance


Hi Marla.

I can't confirm the low light focusing ability differences between the GX1 and E-M5, but I can tell you that when I was deciding between cameras this winter, I tried the E-P3 against the GF3 and the GH2 at home. The EP3 is supposed to be faster than the Panasonics, and in halfway decent light I think it probably was slightly faster than the GH2, and about the same as the GF3. However, as soon as I tried it indoors at night with just the available incandescent light, both the GF3 and the GH2 were noticeably faster, and, more importantly, they locked focus much more easily.

Now, the E-M5 is supposed to be faster than the Panasonics, so I am sure it is quite good in daylight. What I can't tell you is if they changed the low light focus lock algorithms over the EP3. If they have not, then no, it will not be as fast or as sure to lock in low light as your GX1. If they have, then it should be comparable. However, given past performance, I suspect this is one area that your GX1 (and my GF3 and even GH2) may still outperform the E-M5.


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