7D or 5D mkii. Help me decide!

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DXO 5D/5D2 vs 7D
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Carl, despite you never own and experience any 5D and 1D/1Ds cameras I can see you are very busy in 5D1/1D forum at least in last 12 months especially recently with your frenzy of D800 and I read you are getting one, quote this and that blah blah blah. So according to DXO, D800 beats 5D3 in resolution and DR. Most Canon shooters including me accept that. So please don't use double standard when we compare FF 5D/5D2 vs crop 7D/60D and compare 5D3 to D800. If you want people to believe you, you need to backup by scientific data thru the most creditable lab tests such as DXO rather just by what you said (and we know your and Fuzzy are known fanboys of gears you only own).

According to DXO, not only 21mp 5D2 but even 12.8mp 5D1 still outresolve 18mp 7D.

1) Similar walk-around lens 5D2+24-104L IS and 5D1+24-105L IS outresolves 7D+EF-S 15-85/3.5-5.5.6 IS. In addition 24-105L is a constant f/4 zoom with weather sealed and better L build.

2) Now even 12.8mp 5D1 with 24-105L still beats 7D with either 15-85 or even the same 24-105L. As a matter fact, 7D cannot take advantage of 24-105L over 15-85. The same lens 24-105L is a different story on FF even on 12.8mp 5D1.

You and Fuzzy besides are well known 7D zealots (solely on the justification of model you happen to own), you simply ignore the crop factor, the vast difference between FF and 1.6x crop sensors. You think 18mp is 18mp regardless on what sensor fact that will result to bizarre logic that a 18mp P&S would resolve same fine details of 18mp FF. 7D has a bit of few MP than 5D1 (only little) but 5D1 has noticeable better in SNR (signal/noise ratio) according to DXO. 7D has lots more noises/grains over 5D1 in entire ISO range that enough to eliminate its 5.2mp pixel advantage. SNR determines the fine details which is different from pure "resolution" if you just mean pixel amount.

Two samples close-up people photos that you can view at 100% cropped that I showed many times in the past, very typical outdoor snapshots and I have tons of more. If you and Fuzzy so believe 7D can match to 5D2 and better than 5D1 resolution, why you don't post a few your own close-up person photos and show us at full size or even downsampling to the same 12.8mp. I personally also have many 60D people photos (and landscape photos) from 60D that shares the same sensor from 7D and found no match to 5D1 no mention 5D2 when view/print big, 2000-pixel or above or at 30x20" print.



carlk wrote:

A lot of the "magical 3D IQ" myth started when many Reble shooters bought 5D and first saw the thin DOF they have never seen before with their relatively slow lenses. People shooting 35mm know this all the time and were never surprised when they were migrating to 1Ds. Some of them do cite the DOF as a reason for not wanting to go crop but never the loss of that "magical 3D IQ" because they have never noticed or heard it before.

Also people shooting digital got their first opportunity to see 100% and that's what they look all day long. As opposed to 8x10 is what all film guys are seeing. The larger pixels do look cleaner and smothier on the screen but that does not mean you can distinguish the prints unless you're shooting at high ISO or print very large. No one has ever proven that he/she can tell an unlabled and reasonably sized prints from either cameras. One more thing to note is 12MP on full frame used to hold a very significant resolution benefit over 6-8MP aps-c but even that benefit is diminishing now with the 18MP aps-c.

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