Why isnt the PL452.8 the reference lens for testing m43?

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Andy Westlake wrote:

Adventsam wrote:

My original concern was that of the 50mm on an adapter, my question mark over this remains.

Can you explain then exactly what your 'question mark' entails (now that we've got past your self-professed antipathy towards all things Olympus)? The adapter maintains full functionality (any issues with AF are irrelevent, as we only ever use manual focus for testing), and the lens is one of the very best we've ever tested, meaning that it presents Panasonic's cameras such as the GH2 and GX1 in the best possible light. So what, exactly, is the problem?

What's ironic about this is that we've been accused on other forums of unduly favouring the Micro Four Thirds system by using such a good lens. Also, in the process of this discussion the 45mm F2.8 is getting somewhat unfairly trashed in some quarters - I'll still maintain that it's the best choice if you want a macro lens for Micro Four Thirds right now , as I wrote in my review when it first came out.

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Andy Westlake

"Does anybody find it kinda weird that the reference glass for m43 testing is a legacy 43 glass? I have nothing against the 50mm its a cracking glass, but still a native lens of the calibre of the PL452.8 is equal to the task, surely?"


That was my original text above, I never said the 45mm was better or worse? just that it was equal to the task, being a native lens? Now that you can see the level of Oly fanboyism that then prevailed and-and the fact that people trashed the 45mm in the process it shows what people are up against on this forum; as it was instantly recognised as anti-Oly, in this instance it was none of this. I just questioned the validity for want of a better word of what is a MF lens, and yes I know you can use any lens etc etc. But there are both the 25mm1.4 and Oly, yes Olympus 45mm too which I believe are also up to the task and as such more representative of what people will realise with an af lens designed specifically for the m43 platform.

That's all I have left to say on the matter, once again Andy thank you for correcting me and putting me straight I was never questioning your reasoning, although you may of seen it like that just the validity of the approach now we have many excellent native lens to choose from.

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