Am I the only one who thinks the olympus 75mm price is outrageous?

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Re: I don't really see the purpose of it
In reply to Danel, May 28, 2012

Each to their own. I've never put the 14-42 on my E-PM1, it is way too slow to be of any interest to me.

For my purposes the 75 will fill a few roles:

  • Portraits where the 45 is not shallow enough. I wish they'd make a 50mm f1 myself, but they won't, so unless one wants to MF...

  • When 45 is a bit short. I get that a lot.

  • Carnivals, streets, markets, other places to pick a face from the crowd.

It will be the least used of my main lenses, but still very handy...

Danel wrote:

boggis the cat wrote:

Louis_Dobson wrote:

The Oly has a complex layout, is metal, and has I think three ragingly expensive ED elements. It's made in Japan, and it is new, at a time when exchange rates means prices have to be higher than of old (and firms hate putting up prices on existing stock).

All good points. It does seem churlish to not include a lens hood at the price, though.

So, it's an expensive lens. Don't but if you don't want to. Me, I'm looking forward to it. Think I'll sell my Nikkor 180 f2.8 and 300 f4 to pay for it.

I don't use primes, as a general rule, so perhaps I don't understand this -- but what is a 150 mm EFL useful for? It seems too long for portraiture (unless it's a close crop head shot) and not long enough to be that useful for candid shooting. I guess if you shoot with primes you need sufficient focal length steps to get a good coverage, but it seems a pricey option compared to the 45 f/1.8.

Also, why choose f/1.8 instead of f/2 as with the standard FT primes? (Faster is better, yes -- but would a 75 mm f/2 at $600-700 have been a better choice?)

Directed at you, Louis, as you intend moving to an all-prime system. Or primarily a prime system...

I'm not Louis, but I am kind of with you on this one. I own several primes on my Nikon and Sony systems, and other than my 105mm macro, I rarely use them. I recently got an epm1 with the 14-42mm kit lens and I've been thinking about getting some primes mainly for the small size and quality. Thus far, I haven't been able to talk myself into it though, because the primes in my other systems mainly gather dust. I think it all depends on the kind of shooter you are. If you are big on shooting natural light shots in low light situations then I suppose primes would be of interest to you. Also, I know that many who use m4/3rds use fast primes to compensate for the greater depth of field the smaller sensor gives you. Neither of those things are super important to me so my next m4/3rds lens will likely be another zoom of some sort. If I did get a prime it certainly wouldn't be the 75mm for $900 with a 150mm equivalent focal length (yes, yes, I know about the equivalency arguments).

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