Am I the only one who thinks the olympus 75mm price is outrageous?

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Yes, because it is not the "standard" lens, it is a relatively rare portrait lens.

You'd be better off comparing the 20 f1.7, which is extremely sharp.

PicOne wrote:

I'd suggest that this direction only takes you so far. It might explain the pricing model within Oly's lineup, but not in the marketplace.

See below link to B&H listing of 50mm f/1.8 lenses. 8 lenses from a variety of manufacturers. The Oly 45mm is generally always at least twice as much.

Louis_Dobson wrote:

If you need to understand the pricing model, I suggest you compare the 45 and the 75.

Both would seem to be good lenses.

One is metal, so it feels solid, the other is plastic so it feels flimsy.

One is made with ED glass and has very low CA, the other has basic glass and needs CA correction.

Oly are making three ranges of lenses, cheap and cheery, fast but simple and fairly cheap, and fast and complex and expensive. Of which the 17, 45, and 12 and 75 are respective examples.

To complicate matters further they now have weathersealed or not as well.

PicOne wrote:

Tim in upstate NY wrote:

Makinations wrote:

In what way?

. . . I expect that you know the answer to your own question.

. . . This OP registers at DPR today and his very first post is a complaint about the 75/1.8's price? How many newcomers here start out like that? No questions about the system or what its strengths and weaknesses might be. Nothing about buying advice but instead a rant about the price of one lens.

The OP was a question about understanding how/why Oly's lenses are priced the way they are. By way of answers, most replies seemed to hover around the logic of simply "if you can't afford it, don't buy it.".. like this is an explanation.

I myself have a strong interest in the mft system (specifically the OMD), however I also want some clarity on how Oly will continue to market and price lenses and accessories going forward. I think that implied in the long-standing promise of mft being: smaller, lighter, more portable, etc.. that the expectation was not that this meant lenses would cost double their larger FF counterparts. Certainly the pentax Q and Nikon 1 series didn't imply this with their lenses.

I see the OP as a query to understand exactly what should be the expected "strengths and weaknesses".. price IS a factor for some people and is a direct trait of the system. Understanding why eg. the the lenses cost so much, IS a request for buying advice. Most people generally 'know' that "hugely expensive" travels with the Leica name/brand. Is the common wisdom that Oly is setting themselves up to pursue upscale/aspirational and expensive position in the market? .. abandon the 'everyman'?

Actually, questioning about pricing strategy makes more sense than many other questions, given the quite thorough review and tips/tricks publications that DPR themselves have already provided.

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'Everything in photography boils down to what's sharp and what's fuzzy.'
-Gaylord Herron

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'Everything in photography boils down to what's sharp and what's fuzzy.'
-Gaylord Herron

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