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Re: And so the leftwing feeding frenzy begins....
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hjr13 wrote:

Marty4650 wrote:

Yet another highly predictable thread in the Dpreview "Off Topic Forum."

Someone starts a thread denouncing the American south, and all the leftwing zombies will now pile on, sharing their beliefs of how primitive and backwards it is.

Marty, I moved down to NC from the Boston area 8 years ago. I really like it down here, but there are a lot of people I run into that think like the stories I pointed out. Not a lot, but enough to think somethings not right.

Like you, I moved here from NYC. But I moved here 33 years ago.

The fact is, NC is not the deep south. Around a third of the people here came from someplace else. They came for the jobs, the universities, and some because they were stationed at Ft. Bragg. And for some reason, many of them decided to stay here.

So the generalizations you made are seriously flawed. This simply isn't a state full of inbred people. We are not Arkansas, West Virginia, or Alabama. And even those states have a lot of demographic and political diversity of their own.

I promise you that you can find narrow bigoted minds in all 50 states. And you can also find fuzzy headed socialists in every state too. American culture has been homogenized by by faster transportation and communications. But to be very blunt, I find people here LESS bigoted and narrow minded than they are in those northern liberal states that pride themselves on "being progressive."

You see, being "progressive" means more than claiming you are. You have to walk the walk, and not just talk the talk.

Any objective observer of this forum can easily spot closed mindedness and bigotry on both sides. How many times do you need to hear kneejerk reactions from leftwingers to conclude they have closed minds?

They will reject any fact they disagree with, saying "you must have heard that on Faux News." Imagine if we all debated by automatically rejecting sources like CNN, CBS, the NY Times, etc... rather than actually discussing the issues involved?

And how many times do you have to see them draw conclusions out of think air? Like "you probably belong to the KKK" or "if you disagree with anything I believe in, then you are a racist?"

If anyone on the right did that, you would quickly see that their minds are sealed. But for the radical left, it is just their standard operating procedure.

To be fair, some folks on the right are just as guilty. They will label you as a "commie" if they don't like your views. The radical left has no monopoly on ignorance. They just seem to practice it more, then pat themselves on the back for being so open minded.

Those who cannot discuss issues intelligently always resort to ad hominem attacks. And this seems to be the trademark of the radical left. It isn't just the left fringe radicals who do it, they all do it. From President Obama on down. Remember, this the same man who called for a "new tone of civility" and the very next day called the Republican Party "terrorists" and suggested that "if they bring a knife, we will bring a gun." Some tone of civility!

And when someone labels an entire state as "backwards and ignorant" is precisely the same strategy.
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