Shutter Speed in AV mode with 430 EX II - 60D

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jumpingjack wrote:

1. Shoot purely manual which is what I mostly do in this scenario anyway because of the above. That way I can use a faster shutter speed to be hand held, still get some of the ambient but shooting with an external flash set at ETTL my understanding is that this will now act as the main light source.

I agree with everything you've said, but I'd use a word other than "act", so that it's perfectly clear that this happens only because the photographer makes that decision.

What I don't get though is if this is the right way to do things. What I mean is I know pretty well that indoors shooting with flash I really cannot go below 1/30 for still/portrait shots and sometimes even that is too slow. So regardless of the aperture used I really don't want to go any slower than 1/30. I really don't want to go any faster than 1/60 either because quite often you just lose all the ambient and just end up with a horrible brightly lit subject unless you have a nice white low ceiling to bounce from.

So you're really asking about doing fill/direct flash indoors?

So if I dial in say 1/30, F5.6, ISO 200 and use my external 430 EXII this setting would give me pretty good starting point. If when looking at the screen and histogram it doesn't look right then I can adjust either the Aperture or the ISO accordingly depending on the effect I am looking for.

Try it this way. Meter the scene, decide how many steps you want the ambient under that (typically around 1 or 2), and compensate the exposure that much. Take test shots and adjust the flash output to taste.

I guess you know that if the flash is the main source of light (it pretty much is if the ambient is 3 or more steps under), either bounced or direct, you may as well set your shutter speed to the max. sync. speed since it makes no difference.

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