Will your next President be a foreigner ?

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Good, he's as American as Obama. He will just have to campaign on policies then. As they say, "four more years".

taintedcamera wrote:

LeRentier wrote:

With the latest gossip about Romney's Mexican 'origins', either both Obama and Romney both disqualify for the election of President or any 'foreigner' can become president, is this right ?

"Gossip" is the correct term. There was no "Mexican origin" of any form concerning Mitt Romney.

His father George 'was' born to American citizens, temporarily living Mexico, but George fathered Mitt while permanently living in the US as it's citizen when Mitt was born in the US.

"George W. Romney's parents, Gaskell Romney (1871–1955) and Anna Amelia Pratt (1876–1926), were American citizens and natives of Utah. who latter moved to Mexico. The Romney family fled Mexico and returned to the United States in July 1912. The family chose U.S. citizenship for their children, including George. The Family lived in the USA as citizens for 35yrs when George then had 'Mitt' in 1947.

"Mitt Romney was born to American parents at Harper Hospital in Detroit, Michigan on March 12, 1947, the youngest child of George W. Romney.

Understand the difference?

There is no comparison between the two candidates, when it comes down to what now the Democrats are whining about the 'equality of issue'.

There will be contenders trying to nullify my statement, but I won't respond to the BS about the meaning of being 'Natural Born' and 'Naturalization' when it comes to a Presidential candidate .....

For reason being, I forgot my boots at home.

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..oh, and I see by the lack of responses that I am right yet again.

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