Zeiss lens cleaning cloths

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Zeiss lens cleaning cloths are great

mtndew wrote:

I have Lens Pen which I use occasionally. It works very well.

Myself, I'd avoid using the disk end of the Lenspen (the grit can get ground into the lens if not properly removed first). However the brush end is very useful in flicking off any grit on the lens (after the first step which would be blowing off the lens).

Have any of you used the Zeiss pre moistened cloths on your expensive lenses?

The Zeiss cloths are great . I keep a bunch in my bag. They are so handy.

Once the lens surface has been blown off and lightly brushed free of any crud, then use the pre-moistened cloths in a circular wiping motion from the center to the edge.

Afterward, there'll be streaks left on the lens, so the last step is to breathe on the lens and wipe with a (Puffs) tissue. Blow off any lint, and voila.. Pristine Lens!

This method has worked for me for decades on zillions of lenses, and I've never had any problems. Note: a wee bit of dust on the lens won't be detrimental, however as you build up more and more you will lose some contrast due to light scatter (taking the form of veiling glare primarily).

Is the isoprpyl alcohol bad for the multi coatings on the lens?

I'd avoid the "drug store" isopropyl (don't get any on anything Rubber!), however the formulations designed specifically for multicoated lenses work great. Never use anything with Ammonia in it though.

Have fun,

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