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bobn2 wrote:

olyflyer wrote:

MichaelEchos wrote:

+1 Lots of people have been complaining that higher megapixels will cause more noise, cause more diffraction, cause more motion blur bla bla bla.

Higher megapixels definitely cause more noise but the final image is not just what the sensor produces, even raw image is gone through some filtering.

They don't cause more noise. In fact they cause less noise. They just record more detail in the naturally occurring noise in the structure of light, just as they record more detail in everything. It's not that there was any less noise with bigger pixels, they just can't see the detail.

Higher megapixels definitely cause more diffraction, or more correctly, diffraction starts showing at larger aperture. Here is a calculator, try to change the pixel count for the same sensor size and see what is happening with the apertures below.

That is simply not true. Diffraction starts to show at exactly the same f-number whatever the pixel size. Look here:

Same lens on D3 and D3X, in both cases the curve turns down (diffraction starts to show) at f/5.6

Yes, higher megapixels can cause motion blur easier and it demands more stability to get the maximum resolution than lower megapixels. That is because less movement is needed to cross the pixel borders.

The 'crossing pixel borders' idea doesn't help you understand. Nothing will be aligned with pixels in any case, so there is no increased likelihood of 'crossing pixel borders'. All that happens is that more pixels records more resolution.

Contrary to popular opinion, it is quite possible to hand hold a high megapixel camera, for instance:

This is a 100% crop at 1/25 sec, 35mm, hand held.

I do agree that more megapixels means more motion blur at 100% resolution, but we don't immediately print/display larger just because we bought a camera with a higher resolution.

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