Depth of Field on the M43 is in fact better not worse.....

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Re: Depth of Field on the M43 is in fact better not worse.....
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Deeper or shallower DOF can be desirable or not depending on the subject. There is no universal rule. But I guess most people in most situations would prefer shallower DOF than their m43 camera/lens combination offers. That's why so much attention to this topic. I remember the same topic was frequently discussed in APS vs FF debates, but I don't remember ever hearing it in FF vs MF debates. It looks like 35mm format was evolutionary survivor for good reasons, not by accident.

Secondly, one needs to remember that all things being equal, in particular pixel density and quality, m43 is just a crop of FF sensor, so FF camera can achieve the same DOF as m43 with same FL lenses, but not v.v. There is no question FF format has advantages in everything except size and weight, and possibly price. So imagine for a second camera manufacturers came up with equally small FF mirrorless body (which isn't difficult) and small collapsible FF lenses (which is difficult) and at similar price point, the m43 and APS fate would have been sealed.

BushmanOrig wrote:

Almost every second day one see comments made about the micro four-thirds and that its not so OK in the DOF department.....Is that true?



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