The true equivalence of the OM-D+75mm vs Canon 5DIII

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so, where's the equivalency?
In reply to Chris_in_Osaka, May 26, 2012

I was considering getting one or the other since I own both systems so I decided to work out the equivalency, since so many people seem to obsess on this word.

I can't see where you worked out the equivalency. The Canon is F0.8 is M43rds world. That's zero point eight. Or The 75MM is 3.6 in the FF world. That's equivalency. So why are you comparing a F3.6 lens to a F2.0 lens that's twice the size?

OM-D + 75mm f1.8 = 729 grams, which is equivalent to 1,700 grams in Full Frame format (5D3 +135mm f2L). Unless you're a one trick pony who shoots everything as shallow as possible, this is what it really comes down to.

Comparing the weight of F3.6 lens to a F2.0 lens is pretty silly. Lens weight goes up at least with the inverse square of the aperture. So, that OMD should weigh four times as much if it was made into a true F2.0 Or 3200 gram. That's the weight equivalency. Lets not even talk about cost equivalency. It's expensive to make fast glass. The 75MM's real price on a FF system would be around $300.

Canon doesn't make a prime that slow, so it's hard to do real comparison. It kind of compares to the Canon 55-250 IS F5.6. The Canon is faster, zooms, costs less ($250), and is only a little heavier (11 oz vs 14 oz.) Construction is better on the 75MM, of course. It's probably sharper (prime versus zoom, triple the price, I expect the 75MM to be outstanding) but hey, both are sharp enough for many users. Unless you're a one trick sharpness junkie

The bottom line is that if Canon made a 135MM F3.6 it would probably weigh less, and cost less, than the Oly 75MM.

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