Iran nuclear talks set to open in Baghdad.

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Re: The "stated" disagreements
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Collett wrote:

Also, I am not one to deny that Israel has the right to exist and be to recognized as such by all of its neighbors.


This really is the crux of the matter right here.
It's THAT simple.

One either agrees that modern day Israel has the right to exist...or it doesn't.

No, sorry, it's NOT that simple. One can support the exitance of a State of Israel, without supporting an Imperilaist Israel.

and, IF one does agree that it does....then they must also acknowledge...that with the creation of any new, modern day state...that some folks will indeed need to 'give up' some territory and/or be re-located....IF not wishing to remain IN the new nation just created.

It doesn't matter WHERE modern day Israel was formed (Canada, USA, Australia or the Middle East)....somebody would haver had to 'give up' order for a Jewish State to become a reality.

It's called - humans sharing the planet.

The ARABS have 23 nations, 6 million sq klms of territory, 23 capital cities, and whole bunch of natural resources including huge OIL and gas reserves.

Which is like saying Europeans have many different Nations. Palestinians do not see themselves as citizens of Morroco or Sudan.

The Palestinian people...are originally from Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. They already have 3 homelands to choose from. Palestine is a gographical never was a nation.

Err. no. The Palestinians are from "Palestine." Just ask the Turks, or the British, or ask Napoleon.

In fact, DNA wise, the Palestinians are not even Arabs...

Let's not confuse this issue with the Philestines...(who did once occupy the Gaza strip & Med coastal area from Ashlelon up to Haifa, etc)....the Philestines originally came from Crete.

Purely from a fellow humanitarian perspective...the Arabs should be willing to 'give up' a tiny parcel of land in the Middle East to their semitic cousins....especially after what happened during the 20th century in Europe.

But no - not a bloody chance

The 67 borders are an appropriate ground for negotiations.

"Everyone who has ever lived, has lived in Modern Times"

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