My personal wish list for a "dream" K-5's successor

Started May 26, 2012 | Discussions thread
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My personal wish list for a "dream" K-5's successor
May 26, 2012

Hi guys,

I decided to write down my personal wish list for a "dream" K-5's successor small with comments addressed to Pentax. I tried to divide it to different parts in order to keep it more transparent.

Your comments or additions are very welcome

The K-5 successor wish list:

1- Body –I consider the K-5’s body being JUST PERFECT, so no additional wishes here.

2- Sensor – Pentax, PLEASE DO NOT FOLLOW THE CROWD IN MP WAR!!! 16 MP is absolutely enough in APSC and you know that. Focus further on DR; make the (already low) noise profile even better. You already showed us that can you can do miracles in this field (K-5).

(My dream: Pentax negotiates a win-win deal with FUJI, putting the new non-Bayer sensor from x-pro1 into its next top models… I would immediately order three cameras, informing all my photo friends about a new killer DSLR; I promise that! OK, this is probably not going to happen, but at least… I tried :))

3- AF – I wish Pentax could make it even more PRECISE AND STABLE UNDER DIFFERENT WAVELENGTH, its current speed is OK for me.

4- Viewfinder – No changes needed. Pentax, just keep using first class OVFs please. DO NOT put your EVF solution, if any, to production models till the final solution does not match the quality of your OVF in EVERY ASPECT.

5- LCD – Pentax, give me a swivel LCD please! It is very helpful in macro and photographing kids, pets, etc. Challenge you engineers!

6- Assembly – Dear Pentax I am asking you for a bug-free camera. Consider please giving special bonuses to your QC staff for finding and eliminating bodies with misaligned sensors, misaligned AF and misaligned MF. Just implement this KPI in your assembly process please, customers in this advanced DSLR market segment DO APPRECIATE hassle-free photographic tools. And you can get more profit due to lower repair costs.

7- Video – I am personally not interest in video functions in my DSLR. However I understand that many others do. Pentax, I have nothing against video in your camers, just PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, DO NOT COMPROMISE THE PHOTOGRAPHIC OUTPUT'S QUALITY FOR VIDEO CAPABILITIES!!! Marketing statements like “the new sensor was specially adapted/tuned/remade/whatever… for capturing video” make me suspicious... I would really like to have the photographic output NOT DOWNGRADED due to video (especially DR and noise) K-5 is a current benchmark for me.

PS It is great that Pentax managers do read (and answer to) this forum. I personally appreciate it very much and this closed loop marketing surly helps Pentax to differentiate from others.



Fujifilm X-Pro1 Pentax K-5
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