Hammer security delete technique

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...thanks for your replies

joey_B wrote:

Stomie wrote:

Is my data safely unreadable?

Probably not, if somebody would care to resolve the individual platters from the HDD. If you would like to go for the destruction method (very effective) you would have to destroy the individual platters in the casing (by smashing, burning, acid etc.), not only smashing the casing itself, without opening the HDD up.

ooohh! I like the sound of that

furthermore, overwriting with 0's is not as safe as overwriting with random data. and Single pass is not as safe as multipass wiping... You could also degauss the platters to change the magnetic alignment...

Yes, I thought about running a strong magnet over it, but I'm thinking who would want to go to such a considerable amount of time & effort for the $26.75 that's in my bank account?

digitalshooter wrote:

use a 3/8ths drill bit and drill thro like a clock face at noon, 3, 6 and 9. this will should break all of the internal platters.

In the future, if the drive works, keep it and place it in an external case for a back up or a temp holding place for large files, downloaded programs etc.
You are throwing money away!

You could also just dis-assemble it, then you can see how it works. No dangers. Then use the hammers on the internal platters and break them.

Thanks, this old hd is only 40Gb & from a single Pentium T30 laptop, a back up to a core 2 Duo T60 laptop. I just bought a Dell Latitude E6320, so the T30 has to go. A shame as it's so well built.

hotdog321 wrote:

Also, you can just drive a nail though it. But pounding it to a pulp is a lot more fun!

As I found out

malch wrote:

These darn things are pretty tough. It's takes a good blow from a sizable hammer to make a serious dent.

This I found out too

The last couple of drives I had to dispose of were erased using the DBAN software. Effective but very, very boring. To add to the security and satisfaction I felt some physical rearrangement of the molecules was in order. A dozen of so 3/8 inch holes drilled through each drive was emotionally rewarding but presented a minimal danger of personal injury

There is something about hearing the "crunch" of the hammer biting in though...now I'm I'm starting to feel strange urges looking at the T60

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