Why invest in Sony E-mount NEX not MFT and not Canon mirrorless

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Re: Agree but for me it's ALL about using Canon FDn @ 1.5X Crop
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fermy wrote:


I don't see what you claim there:
At F2: Pany - 2495 lw/ph in the center, 2072 at the border
ZM - 2324 in the center, 2042 at the border.

At F2.8 Zeiss pulls ahead in the center slightly: 2515 v 2573, but still loses at the borders 2132 v 2129 and presumably loses more in the corners. That's far cry from the picture you've painted, especially since you prefer the lenses with even performance across the frame.

Are we looking at the same charts and numbers here? Yes those links are fine but I see the ZM on the Nex reaching 2830 lw/ph whereas the Panny never breaks 2500-2550 for center resolution. And in the corners/borders the ZM on the Nex has about a 300 lw/ph advantage also. Keep in mind these tests are on the old Nex sensor that smears corners with RF wides--I'm sure my FDn 35/2 would outperform the ZM on any Nex sensor but especially this old one.

Now take into account that photozone tested 20mm on GF-1, which has stronger AA filter than E-PL1, and you get the picture. I have no idea by how much one needs to multiply photozone's numbers to get E-PL1 resolution figures, but the end result is that you get higher resolution than FD 35/f2 on NEX-5.

But remember the improvements made to the Nex 5n sensor...

You still holding to your original comment where you say "the Pany has significantly more resolution"? Correct me where I'm wrong but ZM 2830> Pany 2500 right??

I'm actually surprised that m4/3 can come that close to APS-C resolution. For me I bet I would hardly notice a difference in real world resizes. But that is a far cry from your claim that the pany outresolves fine lenses on the Nex sensor. Isn't it?

I've thought about dumping my Nex and getting an EM5 but at the end of the day, the 2X crop spoils most of my FDns. I'm sure the Oly 12mm is good enough and the Pany 20 is even better...if I liked plastic AF lenses with fly by wire focus. Meh; not for me right now.

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