SZ15/TZ25 Is Truly A Nifty Camera! A Variety of Fun Pics #1

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SZ15/TZ25 Is Truly A Nifty Camera! A Variety of Fun Pics #1

Hello Everyone:

I'm new on the forum. The discussion here (plus, reviews on Amazon) were good enough for me to make a sound decision with my choice to get the SZ15. Although I wasn't part of any of the discussions directly, I want to thank you ALL for helping me to decide on a good camera to take on my trip to Africa this Summer. I was able to purchase my camera for under $200 (worth hunting for sales!), and the image quality was a deciding factors; the ZS19/20 were surely considered, and when looking at the ZS15 closer the options are nearly the same with image bursting, HD video and many other features. I received my camera a few days ago.

Inspired to use my camera after viewing some great shots by Mackey1001....


Parker10 (absolutely stunning!)....

I felt challenged to take pictures differently than I had in the past; the pic below with the woman & geese was my typical style. With some time and patience, I was able to achieve the desired images that I have always wanted to take. I'm not a professional and haven't really used a camera in 11 years! This is a great little camera for those who are still sitting on the fence about the SZ15. I have taken about 80 pictures during the past few days and there were less than 5 images that didn't turn out right (color range degradation or picture compromised).

There has been little need to retouch the photos and only a couple exceptions. For instance, on the bee & yellow rose, the image had a very slight green cast and I removed the tint. I'm unsure why the green tint was present on that shot. Anyway, the rest of the images have not been adjusted/corrected in any way. Needless to say, I'm enjoying this nifty camera.

Below are images that I took while out in the park. Another set will be posted after this one.

Olympus SZ-15 Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS1 (Lumix DMC-TZ6)
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