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David Franklin
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Speaking as a working long-time professional doing corporate and ad work for mostly very large international corporations, and knowing quite a few others like me, I'd hazard an informed guess that very few people - myself included - would bother to waste money on subscribing to and reading, much less depend on for purchasing decisions, digilloyd or any similar site. There may be a few real-world pros who do so, but they would probably be concentrated in the "pretty landscape for sale to place over your couch variety" that tend to read his biggest boosters at sites devoted to such matters, like Michael Reichmann's. Otherwise, his followers seem to be precisely the people on this and other amateur oriented forums that are devoted to the "how many angels can dance on the head of a pin" variety of gear reviews.This is not to denigrate digilloyd's work and opinions (althoiugh they have almost always been negative about Canon gear), but to put in perspective who is his real following.

As to the actual subject of this thread, although the OP's point is certainly not based on some sort of scientific polling of real world users and sellers, I certainly feel , from my own experience, that his assessment is more right than wrong. Certainly, most of the DPR reader commentary - at least in this forum - seems to exist in a self-fulfilling bubble of its own making.

Keep learning; share knowledge; think seriously about outcomes; seek wisdom.

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