Why invest in Sony E-mount NEX not MFT and not Canon mirrorless

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Re: Why invest in Sony E-mount NEX not MFT and not Canon mirrorless
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Only a few of my many reasons why only the NEX works out for me right now.

» Electronic First Curtain Shutter

  • I nearly bought an E-PL1 and Pany 14-140 OIS combo a couple of years back (actually I did buy the lens, but was able to return it). I simply could not get great shots in all situations. Once the shutter dropped near 1/125 sec and slower, I got blurry photos, the IBIS was useless, as was the OIS on the lens. The E-PL1 is a lightweight and the mirror slaps hard causing a vibration in the camera resulting in blurry photos. It took me a while to figure out this was the cause, but this is the biggest reason why I won't even consider MFT until this feature is added. I've tried every Olympus (except the OMD) and all have the same results, blurry photos at lower-medium shutter speeds.

» Tri-Navi controls.

  • This is purely subjective, but no other camera system is as easy to use as the NEX for most of the controls I want to access. Once I set up my NEX-7's buttons/soft keys it became easy to access everything that's useful to me. Interestingly enough it was this one feature that pulled me away from the A77, which I had intended to get. These controls are pure genius, IMO.


  • I'm glad the OMD has one (I can't wait to try it out and see how good it is), too bad the G1x doesn't. After using a T2i for 2 years then switching over the NEX-7, I will never go back to an OVF, ever. With my Canon I could never rely on the metering system, it would constantly over or underexpose and I was never quite sure which it would do. Sometimes it could take 2-4 tries to get the exposure correct. Now with my EVF, I see the exposure, the WB, the effects from the creative styles & picture effects before I even shoot, you can't fully appreciate this unless you've had a camera with a ○@*&^%$& POS metering system.

» Lenses that I'll actually buy and use all the time.

  • I think for me this comes down to "know thyself", as cool as it might be to have 15 little primes for every occasion, they'd be worthless to me. I hate switching out lenses. My shooting style primarily requires a couple of things:

  1. An all-in-one lens. Sony now make 2, I bought the bigger, silver model, and both Panasonic and Olympus make one, but I only like the Sony E-mount 18-200 OSS and Panasonic 14-140 OIS. And I like the Sony better than the Panasonic.

  2. A fast portrait lens (something F2 or faster). Both Sony and Olympus make one, and I like them both. I recently picked up the 50mm and last night I used it as my main lens at my son's band concert performance. Having an F1.8 aperture and OSS was a lifesaver because the auditorium was really dark.

Eventually I'll also pick up the 24mm Zeiss, probably the 30mm, although these will likely get used less often then my main two lenses.

» HDR, Sweep Panorama, 10FPS @24MP, HHT, 60p Video, etc...
» Outstanding Resolution & DR.
» Excellent High ISO performance (even though I rarely use it).

NEX has everything I want, need, and will use.

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