Do all MFT cameras stay stopped-down on live-view?

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Timur Born
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Re: Do all MFT cameras stay stopped-down on live-view?
In reply to Detail Man, May 25, 2012

Detail Man wrote:

So Timur, when the E-M5 is in Manual shooting mode, you are saying (above) that the only way to get the F-Number to actually correspond to the F-Number setting is by having to hold down a "DOF Preview" button continuously ? That sounds like a real pain to have to commit a finger to ?

Yes, you have to keep holding down one of the function buttons. Fn1 works quite ok for that, L-Fn on the 12-50 works best.

No "Constant Preview" like on the GH2 (in Manual shooting mode) ?

Not in stills modes, no. But in Movie mode you get constant preview in combination with Aperture Priority and Manual shooting and can still take stills pictures. Main drawbacks of this are that you can neither use burst mode nor flash and IS preview will cut off 5% on all edges while the stills image will not be cut.

Even when in Aperture or Shutter priority, pressing the Preview Button will give the user (either) an accurate F-Number, or an accurate Shutter Speed (depending on the toggling of the two functions using the Display Button).

How do you preview shutter speed? The E-M5 always displays the numbers without having to use Preview, but if you want the aperture to close down to the chosen F-number during live view you need to hold the Preview button (or use Movie mode).

Those previewing modes are cancelled by half-pressing the Shutter Button, however.

On the E-M5 it cancels only while focus is acquired, once the image is in focus it turns back to Preview mode even while the shutter is half-pressed.

When the E-M5 turns itself into "Rattlesnaking" mode by pointing it towards a flickering light source the behavior of live view changes.

Does this occur in Manual shooting mode ? In Aperture Prioroty ? Shutter Priority ?

It happens in all stills modes. Movie modes S and P are always in "Rattlesnaking" mode (but not audible during video recording, where the aperture is changed slooowly) and Movie modes A and M are never.

Does this "rattlesnaking mode" then (also) cancel itself when incoming light reduces below some level ?

The "Rattlesnaking" mode itself can only be turned off by turning off the camera. When incoming light reduces below some level the aperture is opened up, or rather, it only closes down when pointed towards bright light and when negative exposure compensation is dialed in.

That does not sound very practically usefulf for actually assessing the effects of an F-Number setting ...

It's not meant for that, it's meant to be an alternative way of creating an exposure compensated live view image. On the Fujifilm X10 it's even the only way of getting live view. DOF preview always overrides both normal live view and "Rattlesnaking" mode anyway, so they are not getting in each others way.

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