Interesting Post: DPR and the Real World

Started May 25, 2012 | Discussions thread
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Interesting Post: DPR and the Real World
May 25, 2012

In another thread, rwbaron wrote:

"I truly believe that reading DPR and a few other forums skews the mind compared to the real World. For example a few weeks back I visited the largest locally owned camera retailer in my area where I've known for years the guy that manages their pro and rental departments. This guy has been in the retail camera business his entire working life and has always been a Nikon fan. He currently owns a D300 but has easy access to anything in their rental fleet when it's available. We spoke at length about the 5D3 and D800 and I found his comments interesting.

"Let me start by saying he loves the D800 and thinks Nikon caught Canon off-guard with that release. He believes the 5D2 to be the most revolutionary game-changing DSLR ever and the 5D3 a further refinement of an excellent camera. When he wants to shoot FF he grabs the 5D2 from the rental department and whatever glass he needs. I mentioned that the D700 was also a great camera and he shook his head, smiled and said yes but it was a sales flop compared to the 5D2. He sees two different strategies at work here with Canon having a huge base looking to upgrade features and capabilities on a camera that most see as having incredible IQ. Nikon on the other hand is trying to grab market share in the segment (or maybe stop the bleeding) hence the D800 and it's pricing strategy. Both are excellent tools capable of incredible results in the right hands.

"I then brought up the low ISO shadow pattern noise on the 5D2 and he looked at me and said what are you talking about? I tried to explain and he kept shaking his head no and saying he's never heard of it and never had a complaint from anyone who's bought or rented the 5D2 from him. He's just one individual with one story but I do trust his insight on this considering his REAL WORLD experience. This is his life as he works with this stuff every day and has for decades. I mention this only to offer some perspective on the issue which has been promoted so heavily by a few zealots on this forum.

"Canon is selling cameras and pro's are buying and using them to make money and create incredible images everyday. If the market sees the 5D3 as overpriced due to an inferior sensor then my guess is Canon would have already adjusted pricing. We have to keep in mind that this is a gear forum and many pro and experienced shooters are too busy making money with or enjoying their gear to read the (many times) BS that is spewed on these forums as the final word. I'm not saying the D800 isn't a great camera with a great Sony sensor but I do believe some have a perspective on this sensor issue that is not rooted in reality.

"Does Canon need to improve in this area - yes. Will this hurt them in the shortrun - I doubt it as they're a huge company with a lot of inertia. If this trend continues for 3, 4 or 5 more years I would guess it could become more of a factor but Canon is not that stupid. My guess is they either have designs in progress or will partner with another supplier or a conbination of the two.


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