Do all MFT cameras stay stopped-down on live-view?

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Re: Do all MFT cameras stay stopped-down on live-view?
In reply to Timur Born, May 25, 2012

Timur Born wrote:

Detail Man wrote:

I believe that one can add the G3 to that list. Here is where the GH2's "Constant Preview" functionality (available in Manual shooting mode) shines admirably. This ability to (during all previewing, save for when the camera is in the process of Auto Focusing) cause the F-Number of the lens-system actually comport to what the user and/or the camera have determined it to be (when the actual shot is recorded) also results in a "Live Histogram" that (like the "Live Preview" LCD/EVF displays) reflects "reality". I wonder if Olympus cameras (including the E-M5) offer that ???

The E-M5 keeps the aperture wide open during live view with two exceptions:

  • When DOF Preview is active (button needs to be kept pressed) the aperture corresponds to the set up F-Number. For focusing the aperture is opened wide and then closed back to chosen F-Number again if the preview button is kept pressed. Which means that you can do both at the same time, press DOF preview and half-press shutter.

  • When the E-M5 turns itself into "Rattlesnaking" mode by pointing it towards a flickering light source the behavior of live view changes. In that mode the aperture will close when the camera is pointed towards bright areas and open towards dark areas. DOF Preview will over-rule this, but the combination of DOF Preview, shutter half-press (focusing) and "Rattlesnaking" will result in the aperture going through all three positions (wide open for focus, Rattlesnaking open for brightness, F-Number for DOF Preview) before taking a shot.

There is one distinct drawback of having the aperture wide open for live view: Face Detection and Tracking suffers badly from the shallower depth of field. So anything resulting in more depth of field helps these tracking functions: DOF Preview, Rattlesnaking in bright light, slower lens to begin with. When you let the camera focus towards yours tracked/face detected target by shutter half-press you also help it track its target again. But unfortunately AF-S is buggy in that you need to do a second half-press to really focus on target (else Face Detection will show a white box around the face, but still focus on the standard AF area).

So Timur, when the E-M5 is in Manual shooting mode, you are saying (above) that the only way to get the F-Number to actually correspond to the F-Number setting is by having to hold down a "DOF Preview" button continuously ? That sounds like a real pain to have to commit a finger to ?

No "Constant Preview" like on the GH2 (in Manual shooting mode) ? Even when in Aperture or Shutter priority, pressing the Preview Button will give the user (either) an accurate F-Number, or an accurate Shutter Speed (depending on the toggling of the two functions using the Display Button). Those previewing modes are cancelled by half-pressing the Shutter Button, however.

You say above:

When the E-M5 turns itself into "Rattlesnaking" mode by pointing it towards a flickering light source the behavior of live view changes.

Does this occur in Manual shooting mode ? In Aperture Prioroty ? Shutter Priority ? Does this "rattlesnaking mode" then (also) cancel itself when incoming light reduces below some level ? That does not sound very practically usefulf for actually assessing the effects of an F-Number setting ...

DM ...

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