Five Lenses Tested At 14mm

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Re: LGV 7-14mm and LGV 14-45mm - DPReview/SLRgear Tests - Part 4
In reply to Anders W, May 25, 2012

Anders W wrote:

... my eyes in some ways work in the opposite way, i.e. very individualistically. My right eye is completely dominant and has been so since very early age. They tried to retrain me to use both eyes simultaneously when I was a kid (so I went around with my right eye blinded for a while) but it was apparently too late.

Just out of curiosity - what was the reasoning behind the idea that covering one of your eyes would cause them to work better "in concert" ... or are you saying that you, yourself covered one eye in an attempt to counter that "retraining" ?

I don't think that there is all that much wrong with my left eye in a purely physical sense although it's a bit more astigmatic which may be the reason why my brain originally preferred to rely on the right one. But the fact that I use it so little has led to poor development of what I metaphorically think of as its front-end computer.

One interesting element of having a serous (pun) problems in my right eye which tooks several years to resolve to a permanently compromised state was that it was humbling to appreciate first-hand the extent to which (at least my own) two eyes generate a "field of vision" that is more of an "semi-illusory guess" than people might ever have the opportunity to perceive.

My retinal lesion (for a long, long time) would at times generate quite a psychedelic "light-show" on it's own, and in "full color", to boot. If I covered my (faulty) right eye, much of the same thing would appear in the visual perception of my (non-faulty) left eye. The extent to which the neural pathways are "cross-coupled" in the (70% of all brain-mass, I read) "visual cortex" is extensive.

Thus, it is (in my eyes, anyway) a "system" whether I like that or not. Have never been able to peer throguh microscopes ot telescopes very effectively using only one eye. Thus, I feel fortunate to have retained the right-eye functionality that I do have - as a single eye view causes an immediate "dissonance" in my perceptual mind ...

Or to use camera language, it has such a dreadful jpeg engine that my cortex prefers to ignore it completely except for purely peripheral purposes.

Use of the phrase "dreadful JPEG engine" (may) border on "troll-bait" around these parts where a certain "JPEG pride" is known to exist. Use of the phrase "dreadful Olympus JPEG engine" would likely start World War III ... ... I, myself like to think that I see "reality" in the RAW - but there are those who have claimed that there may possibly be some sensor-level "RAW-cooking" going on ... or, perhaps a bit of convolution-blurring. It truly is human nature to imagine our world-views as being of "Hubble Space Telescope" resolution - when others may see a cheap Celestron instead

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