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Re: Update on D800E in Australia
In reply to tektrader, May 24, 2012

tektrader wrote:

I went and followed up where mine was today. I got the retailer to phone Nikon.

Didnt really get an answer on mine. BUT they did say they had B/O's for 800 cameras and they where getting shipments of 200 at a time.

No answer from them about where in the 800 B/O my order was sitting.

So I still haved no idea when I am getting mine.

After a bit of deep thought. I dropped back to getting a plain D800 and not the E.

I was pretty worried about that choice but I saw a few comparision threads where with a bit oif sharpening you couldnt tell the difference. Looking at the photo types I use it for. In the end I didnt want to deal with weird colours or moire.

Not trying to influence your decision but I have downloaded numerous RAW D800 and D800E comparison images and I fell people are making more of an issue about moiré than necessary. You may not be subscribed to the website diglloyd.com but he has a very lengthy article comparing the D800 to D800E and there are distinct contrast and resolution advantages to the D800E that are not recoverable from the D800 simply by sharpening (Remember sharpening also increases the appearance of noise). In all instances where there is moiré in the D800E image there is also moiré in the D800 image just to a lesser degree. Also the D800E is such a high resolution camera that moiré is less of a problem in the D800E than it was in the D700 and yet people did not have a big problem with moiré in that camera. I have comparison images between the D800E and D700 where there is moiré in the D700 image but not in the D800E image.

Moiré occurs in repetitive detail which exceeds the resolution of the camera. The higher the resolution of the camera the less moiré is a problem. That is why medium format backs do not have an AA filter as they are such high resolution imaging devices that moiré would only occur rarely.

If I was a wedding or fashion photographer I would get the D800. For every other user (Which is most buyers of the D800) the D800E would be the wiser purchase.

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