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Great Bustard
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Amin Sabet wrote:

Great Bustard wrote:

I appreciate all the help you have given me, not the least of which were your comparisons. But I don't appreciate you calling my participation "trolling". Of course, while we had an uneasy peace for some time, I was fully aware that it was how you felt, and, of course, there's no more to be done about that than there is to make someone who dislikes fish to try sushi.

I don't think in absolutes.

I think in both absolute and relative terms. For example, I might say that "Photo A is more noisy than Photo B", but also be quick to say that it doesn't always matter. For example:

I still think of you as a good and generally likable person, despite your trolling.


I also recognize that the points you make in arguments are frequently correct and that the people who spend the most time arguing with you are frequently incorrect.

I appreciate you saying so.

As for what you call and "uneasy peace", it was pretty easy for me to focus on the fact that you're overall a good guy when you were mostly trolling in a forum that held little interest for me (Olympus DSLR). Now that you and your fellows are trolling this particular forum, a place that I would otherwise enjoy, it's not so easy.

To be fair, though -- wasn't this thread, and the previous thread I was heavily active in:

pretty much tailor made for my posts? Was not my exchange with kenw:

both civil and informative? Does it not make some sort of sense, then, to say that the disruption is not coming from my posts, but from those arguing against the points I'm making, and from those like ZoranC in this thread, whose sole purpose in this thread is to follow me around making ad-hominem attacks, all the while contributing nothing useful whatsoever?

Anyway, like I implied, I'm not thinking you will agree. But that is where I'm coming from. Even if we were to take it as a given that my posts were trolling, it is certainly not my intent -- I would hope that you would at least give me that.

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