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Jeff Seltzer
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Honest advice...
In reply to southpaw74, May 24, 2012

Well, you are on the X-Pro1 forum, so there's certainly bias. And, I love my XP1, and have taken excellent pictures of my kids (see below). However, kids are not my only subject, and I consider myself a somewhat skilled photographer, and skill is important with the XP1. It's certainly not a "chase kids and snap away" camera, though great kid pictures are possible.

Now, I certainly don't know you, so sorry if this is way off base...but, since you had to sell your last camera set-up for childcare costs, I'm guessing that budget is an issue.

Given the above, my advice is to NOT buy the XP1 and lenses. If I were you, I would buy a used 5D or 5DII, and pair that with a value-oriented prime lens (value=good deal for the money). The prime lens will be important (IMO) for a couple of reasons: (1) faster shutter speeds indoors without a flash; and (2) pleasing DOF which is important for kids shots, I think. I would suggest Sigma 50mm 1.4 for a start. The full frame of the 5D or 5DII will translate into excellent image quality, for what probably is a good price right now on eBay. They also have a nice bright viewfinder, and reasonably fast AF.

(NOTE: I suggest Canon simply because that what I own...you could sub Nikon as well).

Anyway, below are some kid pictures with XP1...

southpaw74 wrote:

in a few weeks im going to buy a new camera.
so heres my top 3
1. x-pro1 35mm
2.d300s with 1.4 prime
3. x100

i'm no pro, just have the love for photos and cameras.

my last camera being a nikon d7000 sigma 85mm, which i had to sell a little while back due to childcare costs.

my shoots would be not much more then my kids.

any of you guys just shoot general family pics with a x-pro1, this is the one i want, i know of the slow focus thing but im not talking sports here, just day to day stuff.

plenty of samples would be great.


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