K-5 and its Replacement.

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Re: K-5 and its Replacement.
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pentaxnut wrote:

I think when my K-5 dies, I'll buy one used....and when that dies, I'll look for another....and then...if I can't find one....I'll think about another new camera...

At times I feel this way. Last Spring when my K-7 needed repair (my mistake) and the K-5 needed warrenty repair I was left with my old K10D. I ended up buying a second K-5. I am glad I did.

I don't want full frame. I really don't...I like that my 300mm lens has the same 'effective focal' length as a 450 with APS-C....I shoot a lot of wildlife, some landscape, not a lot of people, some macro....I think APS-C is where it is at...the lenses are smaller, lighter, cheaper and there's that multiplier effect....

Until recently I was not in favor of ful frame for Pentax. The aps-c Pentax cameras have served me really well. Still I long for a 645D and will never afford one. I just might be able to afford a FF Pentax, or at least dream about one. The 645D is so far out there that I can even dream of one.

I don't want more resolution....16MP is fine....hell, for a lot of what I do my K10D's 10mp is fine....

Yes, 12MP is just fine. I really don't see going up any more, but I guess we will have to.

I don't want a camera smaller than the K-5...I have big hands...it could be a little bit larger, but it is fine as is...

The K-5 is about as small as I want for my regualr camera. Buttons just get a little too cramped. Still I have an Olympus E-M5 on order. I am planning on using it for my caving and kayaking camera plus just a carry with me camera when photography is not the mean reason for doing what ever I am doing. It is basically replacing my Leica Delux 4 that I don't use much because I just don't like a small sensor camera.

I don't find the autofocus a problem usually, even on moving targets....

I usually don't but I have been working my way through a long day of photographyin an Civil War re-enactment and I found the the camera with either the DA*16-50 or the DA*50-135 shot at f4.0 wider will occassionaly miss focus by focusing on something slightly away from the nearest eye (which I tried center focuing on and recomposing). A pen-point spot AF point in the center might have solved this problem. It is always nice to get improved technology that solves a problem.

I skipped the K20 (from the K10D), bought the K-7 and then traded it for the K-5....hard pressed to think of what it would take to get me to trade the K-5 for something else...The K-7 was a bit like Vista....and the K-5 is a bit like Windows 7....

I haven't skipped a Pentax "flagship model". I had the following: *ist DS, K10D, K20D, K-7 and now the K-5. Each one was a slight improvement and enough for me to buy. I just don't know what the next "flagship" model will have that will get me to buy it since I love the K-5 so much.

An ISO range from 25 to infinity would get my attention, but I'd want to see sample images before I'd even consider a switch...and....well, I'm trying to be realistic....

It is alsway best to see aht the inital buyers have to say before buying. A lower ISO would be really nice. I just hate using ND filters. Then again I use to use Kodakchrome 25 a lot.

If the 645 goes on sale for $1000 I might buy one....otherwise, I think I'm good.....

I would jump on that deal.

And yeah, Pentax, if you're listening, you can take that as a challenge....entice me.....lol....and good luck....

Loving my K-5....

Hopefully Pentax is up to your challenge and will come out with a camera that K-5 users would want to buy. It will be a real tough challenge.


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