Canon mirroless with a modern design ? and 4/3 sensor ...

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IT IS NOT a 4/3" sensor, it's a 4:3 sensor
In reply to PeterLeyssens, May 24, 2012

This will be the G1X sensor which is esentially a 4:3 version of the Canon 7D 3:2 APS-C sensor. They share the same aspect ratio as m4/3, not sensor size. Canon's sensor is ~ 1.8x crop and lies in between m4/3 and APS-C. Canon won't ever join m4/3 and will have their own lens mount of course with I presume and EF adapter.

Canon may be last to the line, but they won't make stupid mistake Nikon did, that's for sure.

PeterLeyssens wrote:
Hi Aleo,

Aleo Veuliah wrote:

I wonder how they can make it with a 4/3 sensor size if they do not belong to the group, anyway more competition is good

Very simple. They pick a sensor size and don't use the standard lens fitting. Done.

But it is good that they don't have gone for a smaller sensor like the Nikon 1 System

Why ? I'm reading in a few reviews that the sensor performs pretty well. Just like ยต43 is catching up with APS sized sensors, there is no reason to slam smaller sensors. You get what you buy: more DOF and a little bit more grain. But it's a valid option and my impression is that Nikon has shown that.


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