DR at base iso Canon 5dmk2 and D800 and HDR picture from one exposure

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Mikael Risedal
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Re: Now it is getting pathetic
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To me it lucks like a good compact can be adequate for that motive.
Can we please se a raw file, and even better a direct comparison with a d800.

I'm not discussing whether a camera is "enough" good for most people, I show the differences between two cameras rendering of a contrasting motive.

And if you and others newer would take a such contrasty motive that is up to you or others.

qianp2k wrote:

Here are couple of samples that from my recent Italy trip that happened stored in my DPR gallery that I pulled shadow from my 5D2 photos moderately as moving the shadow bar to 100% and highlight recovery also 100% in LR4 (not every photo below but at least half of them). No ideal how many stops but I don't see much noises. D800 shadow will be cleaner but within 3 stops the difference is rather small. Entire IQ is not just determined by 2 extra stops of shadow noises but many other factors - color rendition and tonality, DR, natural sharpness and noise level...I don't need to pull 4-5 shadow in extreme in almost all my real world photos.

All hand-held under bright sunlight in contrasty scenes. I didn't use GND in all these photos as it was almost 100% blue sky sunny day every day during my trip and virtually no clouds.

You can see full 2000-pixel wide size in http://www.dpreview.com/galleries/7843305573/albums/landscape

I can show 3000-pixel wide and they would not be much difference.

Mikael Risedal wrote:

No you are mixing things. The shadows cleanness from Canon can NOT be compared to Nikon D800 I have as pro 30 year back both Canon and Nikon (and Leica, Hasselblad, Sinar equipment)

Regarding color rendition, there are not much differences between Nikon and Canon if you use such as Adobe, Phase One raw converter and profiles that are similar.

qianp2k wrote:

Not true. I pulled shadow in my most photos moderately. They are still very clean after 1-2 stops pulling, a bit of noisy after 3 stops pulling. I will post a few samples later once I get home. As Hans said there is a cliff that after about 4 stops pulling Canon files falling apart so steeply. I agree Nikon files are still a bit cleaner in shadow ares after moderate pulling but you would not see much difference in real world photos. I prefer Canon color rendition better in general. Nikon yellow cast and subdue of highlight are not in my taste in general.

B E wrote:

I think you missed the point I was trying to make earlier. It is not about "extreme" shadow pulling.

Even pushing shadows moderately with the 5D results in those parts of the image becoming more noisy. Depending what other post-processing you want to do and/or how big you want to print, this may be a problem.

However, a moderately pushed D800 image remains perfectly clean, or at least as clean as a 5D ISO 100 image.

That to me is the real advantage.

qianp2k wrote:

gigamel wrote:

The point is that the D800 is A LOT better than the 5D3 - to which degree you make use of this advantage is up to you.

They each are better in certain areas as DPR said and therefore got the same magic score Yes D800 is lots better in one area - extreme shadow pulling but anything with extreme usually will not generate good photos. If you're not familiar with Hans' photos check his galleries that will make such arguments irrelevant. I have seen many stunning photos from Canon such as from Hans, and I have seen many stunning photos from Nikon. But yet I have seen any stunning photos resulted from 4-5 stops extreme shadow pulling. In real world photos upto 30x20" print I don't see much difference between D800 and 5D3.

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Life is a battle wishes aunt Titti

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Life is a battle wishes aunt Titti

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