DR at base iso Canon 5dmk2 and D800 and HDR picture from one exposure

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Hans Kruse
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B E wrote:

This is very different from the typical "HDR look" that many people dislike so much. Manual and selective lifting of shadows can be very useful for many different reasons.

This thread demonstrates an extreme example to make a point, but often you only need another stop or two. If you push 5D files the lifted areas are always noisier than the rest. With the D800 the image will remain much cleaner.

Yes, you can increase DR on the 5D by bracketing, but this is very impractical. Scenes with moving objects obviously cannot be done, and nobody brackets every photo they take. If you only notice afterwards that the shot can benefit from a bit more DR, it will be too late.

The given example could be easily done by bracketing and there would be no limit really. Which the D800 example clearly shows there is (obviously). The IQ is simply not there for such an example. The example is not good anyway.

In my view, having high DR like we see in the D800 is extremely valuable, as in "I might switch to Nikon" valuable.

It's useful, but depending on your style it may or may not be a big point.

Doing landscapes myself it's probably around 0.5% of my images where the D800 would help from a DR perspective. The resolution advantage is much more real if you print big. I don't print larger than an Epson 3880 can handle so not a big deal for me, but others have other requirements.

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