Fuji X100 white balance / accurate colours for product photography

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Re: Fuji X100 white balance / accurate colours for product photography
In reply to starwolfy, May 23, 2012

Why are you using an X100 (or M8) for product photos anyway - far more appropriate cameras than either Fuji or Leica .... but hey, your choice!

Are you shooting RAW or JPEG - most obvious solution would be RAW as any minor WB problem (or your most probable cause - odd light source) can be corrected far easier than in JPEG.

As for your 'reddy-brown' greys etc. I can't help ... my X100 is one of the most accurate colour rendering machines I own. It records what it sees - not what you or I imagined the colours actually were (all good cameras and film stock will do the same ... it's the human eye that is fooled by light sources/temperatures - i.e. WYSIWYG)

If you use RAW - a 'normal' light source - and not JPEG, no filtration - without 'film mode' simulation - and all colour saturation settings turned 'off' (you are aware the Fuji has those menu settings - right?) I fail too see why you are not getting accurate colours.

starwolfy wrote:


I own a X100 and since few weeks I have to use it for shooting products.

It's the first time I have to shoot products so it was quite hard at first but things are improving.

I encounter some problems with the X100 though. It's not the best camera for product shooting but hey...I do with what I currently own and I don't see myself shooting product the way I do with a M8 + Summaron

so...here the problem:

I've found that the X100 has hard trouble for the accuracy of some specific colours...especially grey colours which turn into redish colours...
Also...beige colours turn into a kind of redish beige.

This is quite a problem and I don't know what to do.

Of course my white balance is set manually with a grey card but things are still inacurate regarding colour reproduction.
I've tried to ajust colours white balance directly in camera...it's a no.

I've tried to find information on this but I've found only one review where the guy said how suprised he was that the white balance on X100 is hard to manage for such a serious camera and one of the most inacurate comparing with other mirrorless cameras. In fact...he is a bit the only one who seemed to pay attention to this parameters for product photography. Of course the white balance is quite great for normal photos...and the colours are really enjoyable...but when we need accuracy it seems it's the wrong camera.

Is there any body here who face the same problem as I do...or has found a solution to this?

Do I have to buy an other camera for product photography? That would be bothering...


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