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Barry Fitzgerald
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Re: I don't have a problem with same sex marriage

Quoth wrote:

But I love the way that so many here are completely intolerant of Taddy's beliefs.

We are all intolerant of something that others find acceptable or enjoyable.

I myself hate RAP music and would rather nail my scrotum to a crocodile than be forced to listen to it.

I also turn down weddings because I don't get a good feeling about the couple or indeed their parents (I.e. I don't like them and feel that they are likely to be a pain in the ass (though I obviously do not telll them that)).

You cannot force everyone to behave the same way or believe in the same things.

I would have to agree it would not bother me a same sex marriage (I'm not here to pass judgements on anyone) However you really cannot force someone to do a job they don't want to

Imagine you meet the would be bride and groom, and really don't hit it off at all, or you don't really like they can sue you for not doing the job?

I think it's a bit silly

People make their own choices about the jobs they want to do or not. I don't have a problem with that, neither should anyone

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