Canon SLR and high read noise,

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Re: Canon SLR and high read noise,
In reply to Mikael Risedal, May 23, 2012

I read not too long ago canon has new patent rights to Back-lighted APS-C and FF CMOS sensor...would that help the DR at base ISO? I dunno...but if they ever bother to design and patent right it, i suppose sth beneficial will definitely come from that.

Also, i didnt bother to read the entire "long winded" discussion..only the first 30 or so..:-P

There was some debate on making 12800 as clean as 200, alrite...the tech savvy guys say it isnt...some say it is....for me, i'm sure it is very possible to just that and beyond, WITHOUT breaking the laws of physics...or making the camera and lenses huge.

Ya know, sth like Sony's multiple shot mode to make a cleaner image? Or maybe put some simple on-board sensor cooling system to cut down noise?? How abt sth like taking the night vision concept of amplification and refine it to the point its useable for camera sensor? I dunno...its just me hoping that ISO will keep increasing and get cleaner...NOT megapixels!

On another note, i saw on the Aussie's "New Inventors" program, where a guy made a special kinda lens with "micro dimming" (i dunno wat else to call it, really:-P) that can let in light according the scene, and it produces the MOST amazing dynamic range, when he demonstrated it with that bald-headed tv host (sorry, cant remember his name) standing beside a spotlight shining down on him with a regularly lighted background....and the video reproduce perfect balance DR, just like our eyes! His face was perfectly exposed and so was the background...the inventor said its still a prototype, and when applied in filming/videography (maybe photography as well), all those blinding reflector screens (ya all know wat's tat) would be of no use anymore, e.g. a reporter doing a live coverage outdoor at noon day. And that won him the first prize for that particular episode!

So, it is lens based and not sensor dependent, to control the DR. I dunno how many of you watched that's not a recent show but quite a while ago stuff...cant remember the episode btw

Conclusion is, i think its quite possible to get cleaner images without breaking any laws, or your bank account for that matter, in the future...maybe not so soon but definitely its coming. I read elsewhere that Holographic TV would be coming soon and be made mainstream...sth like in 2017 or later. So lets just patient and hope for the best, instead of being negative and pessimistic about new discoveries and innovation..after all, God has given us all a "superb brain" to "bend" the law of physics, theorems or whatever that He has set in place...and we have seen all that esp. in the past 100 years, rite?

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